Gaysper is a wonderful LGBT ghost that came out of the (mis)thinking mind of some moron from Vox (far-right group). But it turned against him. On 28 April 2019, as Spaniards went to vote, Vox shared a meme on their networks showing all the enemies of Spain they would face. Among them were the Republican flag, left-wing media, feminist symbols and a ghost emoji with the LGBT flag. That one was embraced by the gay community, baptised ‘Gaysper’, and has turned against Santiago Abascal’s group.

Nylon Dog Collar Gaysper Flag
Dog Leash Gay Bear Flag
Safety belt for dogs gaysper flag 02
Dog Coat gaysper flag 02
Dog Coat gaysper flag 02
Small Dog Harnesses Gaysper
Dog Bed Gay Ghost Flag
Dog Harness gay Gaysper flag
Chapa Para Perros Gaysper 02
Martingale Dog Collar Gay Ghost Flag
Dog Kennel gaysper flag 02
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