Dog bed

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Dog bed with gay flags design. 6 collections. Ideal for any season. Heavy-duty cover. Customisable with embroidered name.

Gay bear flag
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Bandera Lesbianas
LGBT flag
Transgender flag
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Mascotas lgtbi's dog bed.

In our dog bed your furry friend will be able to rest on a very comfortable surface on which to have sweet dreams with colourful unicorns. A dog sleeps approximately 10 hours a day, so it is important that he is very comfortable.

It is available in our 6 collections. The heartof the leather flag and the pawof the bear flag are embroideredon the upper left side.

The fabric used for the dog bed is pleasant to the touch to protect you from the cold ground and very resistant. The underside is made of a lighter and cooler fabric.

The filling is made of miraganum. Each medium and large bed has 3 layers of 3 cm thickness and a density of 340g/m2. In the case of the small ones, two layers are used.

Why did we choose this type of filling?

  • Because of its insulationfrom the ground. Miraganum is used for the filling of quilts, cushions,... In summer it does not heat up, it stays cool.
  • It is very lightweight. It weighs less than cotton and is almost completely waterproof. You can even take it with you on a trip in your suitcase. If it wrinkles during transport, simply leave it stretched out for a few hours before use and the wrinkles will go away by themselves.
  • Easy to wash. In contrast to foams, miraganum can be put in the washing machine without rotting during drying.
  • It does not deform. The carded flocking that is used in some dog mattresses ends up spreading to the sides, especially after being washed in the washing machine. This is uncomfortable for your pet. It also sticks to the fabric.
  • It has the great advantage of being inhospitable to parasitic insects, such as fleas, bedbugs, moths, etc.

The dog bed cover can be removed by unzipping the zip, making it easy to wash if you only want to machine wash the outside of the bed. As they are layers of miraganum, they can be easily removed and inserted.

Is it also suitable for cats? Of course! For him alone or sharing it How cute!

If your dog is small, he may prefer to sleep sweetly in one of our dog kennels.

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  • Fabric:
    • Upper fabric: 100% polyester.
    • Bottom fabric: 100% cotton.
    • Filling: miraganum.
  • Collections: LGBT, lesbian, transgender, bear, leather and Gaysper.
  • Measures:
    • S Size: 45 x 60 x 6 cm (L x An x Al)
    • M Size: 55 x 80 x 9 cm (L x An x Al)
    • L Size: 65 x 90 9 cm (L x An x Al)
    • If you need a different size, you can ask us for it and we will do our best to prepare it for you.
  • Customs: yes. With your pet's name embroidered on the bottom right.



The cover should be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C.

The inside can withstand higher temperatures but it is not advisable to put it in the washing machine without its cover, as it could fall apart.

The miraguano settles with use and decreases in height. This is normal.

We do not accept returns of products with personalisation. See ourReturns Policy.


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