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For some time now, face masks have become a requirement to protect against Covid-19. In Mascotas lgtbi we make them for you to walk with safety, elegance and Pride. You can personalise them with your name or your pet’s name to make them unique.

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Mascotas lgtbi fabric masks are made of 100% polyester with a single layer, a fabric with a very high level of antibacterial efficacy and high filtration. The interior is made of natural cotton fabric whose water-repellent properties make it unnecessary to use a TNT filter. And, of course, we cannot forget our personal LGBT touch.

Achieve maximum comfort, thanks to the elastic band that fits around the ear. It has two adjusters to make it fit your face perfectly.

The natural cotton used gives the mask a level of protection similar to that of FFP2** masks:

- Efficiency in filtering aerosols >96%
- Particulate filtering efficiency >93%
* Tests carried out in accordance with UNE-EN13274 and UNE-EN149 standards

- Antibacterial filtration: 91%. (requirement UNE 0065:2020 >=90%)
- Fabric breathability: 36 Pa/cm2 (requirement UNE 0065 <60 Pa/cm2)
* Test Method: EN 14683:2019

It can be used and washed more than 76 times at 60 degrees without losing its properties.

Personalise it with your embroidered name and make it unique.

Two sizes are available: medium and large. If you need a special size, let us know and we will make it to measure.

* They are sent by ordinary mail, except in the case of joint purchases, which are sent by registered mail.


  • Material:
    • Lining: 100% natural cotton.
    • Outer part: 100% polyester.
    • Fitting ball: plastic.
  • Sizes .
    • M. Height 15 cm. Ancho: 12.
    • L. Height: 17 cm. Width: 13.


For hygienic reasons this product is non-returnable.

It is recommended not to use the mask for more than 8 hours.

Although we make them with filtering cloth, it is advisable to use them together with another mask (hygienic, surgical or FPP2).

When putting on or taking off the mask, it is advisable to follow the instructions given by the Ministry of Health (link).

After each wash, preferably by hand with a neutral PH detergent, the mask should be checked with washed hands or with the use of disposable gloves. If damage to the mask is detected, it should not be reused.

Not for sanitary use.

No general discounts or coupons apply to the purchase of the masks.

** View certificate of protection *View certification results


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