Safety belts for dogs

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Wearing a dog safety belt is a must when taking your pet in the car. And if you can also wear it with one of our LGBT flags, you will be the most original and proudest. Personalise it with your name embroidered on it.

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Pack offer! Buy a dog harness together with this product and get a 10% discount on both.





Mascotas lgtbi's dog safety belt.

We all love to travel and, of course, we love to travel with our furry companions. Our dog safety belt is a simple solution for keeping your dog or cat restrained in the car. It does not matter whether it is used for short or long journeys. The safety of your dog or cat and other passengers is the most important thing.

This dog seat belt has a carabinerthat attaches to the harness at one end and a loopat the other end that attaches to the vehicle seat belt attachment. It is easy to adjust by means of a metal pin and is perfect for dogs of any size.

Why use a dog safety belt? Its use prevents our pet from moving freely and could cause an accident by distracting us by wanting to give us a lick or pounce on us to play or out of fear. Wearing a dog safety belt gives you peace of mindknowing that your dog will not move out of control during the journey.

Is a safety belt better than a carrier? Carriers are the safest method of transport for everyone while travelling by car, but they take up a lot of space, practically the entire loadspace. Our dog safety belt can be conveniently stored anywhere and always be at hand.

What is the difference between a safety belt and the use of partition grids? The latter is the best system for fitting the luggage compartment for large dogs, but with the disadvantage of installation and loss of luggage compartment space.

Can I be fined by the police? Not according to Spanish law. Check the regulations in your country. The Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safetyin Spain does not specify exactly how dogs should be transported in a vehicle. The law states that the driver must have freedom of movement at all times, with an unobstructed field of vision that allows him/her to be attentive to driving without distraction.

With the Mascotas lgtbi's dog safety belt you will have safety, peace of mind and Pride!



  • Material:
    • Ribbons: 100 % polyester. Very resistant.
    • Carabiner, lug and pin: metal.
  • One size fits all. Belt width: 25 mm. Length: 35 - 58 cm (measurement may vary by 1 - 2 cm).
  • Interior colour: black.
  • Collections: LGBT, lesbian, trans, bear, leather and Gaysper.
  • Customisation: yes, with embroidered name.



Do not clip the carabiner to your dog's collar. In the event of an accident or braking, it can cause very dangerous damage. Always wear a chest harness while travelling in a car. Buy it at Mascotas lgtbi with -10% discountif you add it to your cart together with the safety belt.

For most common car models.

We do not accept returns of products with personalisation. See ourReturns Policy.


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