We stand in solidarity

Throughout history LGBTIQ+ people have been and continue to be persecuted because of their sexual orientation. There are now many parts of the world where being gay is a crime and punishable by imprisonment or death.

Fortunately, the number of countries that have made progress in defending the rights of our collective has been increasing little by little. However, the legal protection provided by law is one thing, but the social environment is quite another.

There are many homophobic aggressions that we see every day with beatings by intolerant people of two people of the same sex holding hands and kissing in public, bullying in schools with subsequent suicides, parents who throw their children out of the house when they are aware of their sexual orientation, scammers with therapies to cure homosexuality, mockery…

For all these reasons, the help provided by all the associations in defence of the LGBTQI+ community is necessary. To make the world change we need to fight for what we believe in. It is not enough just to complain, we also have to get involved to change the world.

At Mascotas lgtbi we believe that solidarity is one of the fundamental and universal values that should govern our society. We want to help our collective by donating 5% of the profits obtained from the sale of our products to the NGO “Ponts d’Igualtat” in defence of the rights of homosexuals.

The Mascotas lgtbi team thanks you for your purchase because with it we help each other.

Ponts igualtat
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